Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mo' BlackBerry Pie!

OK, the ech's arrived today! First impression using the earpieces that came installed... amazing.
Not the best fit but I hear things that I haven't heard ever in some pieces. I'll concentrate on getting the perfect fit and then continue this discussion.

My articles about the BlackBerry Curve continue to get hits so I think I'll do some more.

One of the many reasons I like the Curve is because of its multimedia capability. This time I'll talk a little bit about the Music Player.

The player is pretty basic. It gives you the controls you would expect to see on a first generation CD player.From the menu you can select next and previous track, replay, repeat, and shuffle. You can pause the song and play returns you to where you paused or you can stop and play will restart the track. The trackball will allow you to select a horizontal slider that moves you back and forth in the track. Volume is controlled by the handset volume control pushbuttons. Like I said, pretty basic.

The Curve comes with a Roxio application that is a Windows app and as other reviewers have mentioned its slow and unimpressive. All I can add is that on top of that it really sucks.

If you have enabled the Curve to do so, it shows up on your desktop as an ejectable disk when you attach it to your computer with the supplied USB cable. You'll see a Blackberry folder at the top level and inside folders titled Music, etc. From my computer based iTunes folder, I just drag the album level music folder from my computer to the BlackBerry Music folder. Eject the Blackberry volume and disconnect the USB cable and you're set to go.

Depending on how much music you dragged over, it may take a few seconds for the directory to update on the Curve. If you drag several albums from the same artist, they end up organized under the artist in the directory, as you would expect. There must be enough information in the music files to allow the Curve software to do this. Otherwise, it's FM. I don't know.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Here's a quote from Wayne Pacelle, chief executive of the Humane Society of the United States:

"(C)loned animals suffer high mortality rates"

Well, there's a news flash for you. He should have seen the fate of my uncle's cattle at slaughter time every year.