Sunday, December 16, 2007

Domino's! What is up?!

Domino's Pizza has started a particularly suspicious policy recently. You only notice it when you order a pizza to be delivered and pay for it with a credit/debit card.

I expect the delivery boy to ask to see my card and some form of ID when he brings the pie. What I don't expect is for him to make a rubbing of my card, write down the three digit CVC, and record my name, address, and drivers license number. Then the guy freaks out when I take his photograph. Hey, I just want a face to put with the phony charges I might get on my card.

Talk about the perfect recipe for credit card identity theft. Domino's, is this your Christmas season bonus plan?

Well, the pie is not that good. Myself and all my neighbors will not be getting any of your product while you insist on pursuing this policy.


Anonymous said...

Everyone out there asks for th 3 digit number now. Taking their picture is a good idea. However, your reasons for you and your supposed neighbors not choosing Dominos is funny. Get a real cause, not boycotting a pizza company.

thelowpriceleader said...

Well it is illegal for them to copy any information about you on the credit card sales slip in a number of states.

It is also against their agreement with the credit card company to require you to show any ID with the purchase. Merchants may NOT require ID for credit card transactions. As long as the back of your card is signed, and the signature that you sign for the order matches what is on the receipt, they are NOT allowed to require any additional identification or information about you.

Chapter 9.11.2 (2-21 of the paper version, page 48 in the PDF) of the MasterCard merchant rules which can be found at the link below states:

"A merchant must not refuse to complete a MasterCard card transaction solely because a cardholder who has complied with the conditions for presentiment at the poi refuses to provide additional identification information..."

Additionally, the below MasterCard site solicits reports of merchants/retailers who require identification for card transactions:

Visa also has a merchant guidelines book posted which has the following statement on Requesting Cardholder ID which can be found on print page 29 or page (34 of 143) of the PDF file at :
“Although Visa Rules do not preclude merchants from asking for cardholder ID, merchants cannot make an ID a condition of acceptance. Therefore, merchants cannot refuse to complete a purchase transaction because a cardholder refuses to provide ID. Visa believes merchants should not ask for ID as part of their regular card acceptance procedures.”

Furthermore, Visa’s operating regulations website discusses the proper card acceptance procedure and it clearly states that if the back of the card is signed, that the merchant is to compare signatures, with the only time to ask for ID being if the back of the card is not signed:

I also have a letter from Visa on their letterhead on this subject which states the following:

"Please be assured that merchants may not refuse to honor a Visa card simply because the cardholder refuses a request for supplementary identification. The only exception is when a Visa card is unsigned when presented. In this situation, a merchant must obtain authorization, review additional identification, and require the cardholder to sign the card before completing a transaction."

This Denver Post Story discusses how unsigned credit cards are invalid and the merchant may be liable when accepting these unsigned cards:

Emily said...

@ anonymous

I have no objection to providing the CVC. After all, it's there for the cardholder's protection. However, I will only provide it to the online ordering system as a means for it to verify my holding the card at the time of the order.

Our boycotting of Domino's isn't a cause, it's a choice and it doesn't require any extra effort. In the process, we reduce the chances of getting ripped off by some unscrupulous Domino's employee.

It's funny that you would bother to comment.

Emily said...

That's very interesting information. Thank you very much for sharing it.

Maybe I'll see how badly the delivery boy doesn't want to take the pizza back to the store.

Anonymous said...

You guys are idiots that have nothing to do!!!!

Emily said...

@ anonymous

Do you have some personal involvement in this that makes you so angry? Are you perhaps a delivery boy whose scam has been revealed?

shannon said...

domino's can certainly get in a world of legal trouble over this credit card processing practice. i, too, have given domino's my card over the phone and not had to show it to the delivery guy when he brought my pizza. it can certainly be a little nerve-wracking.

i don't know if boycotting them is really necessary, though. just pay cash instead! :)

Emily said...

That's one way to handle it, but using a card solves the problem of having to run out to an ATM machine when you get the munchies at 1 am and don't have any cash.

Plus, my being inconvenienced by something that is clearly a policy not sanctioned by the card provider and obviously only serves to reduce my card security doesn't rate a reward in my opinion.

Besides, it gives me a reason to try out all the competition. :)