Friday, December 21, 2007

Domino's, what is up!? Part 2

Well, I took down my previous post regarding the shady practices of my local Domino's in order to let Domino's respond to my email complaint to them. I've put it back up since they have chosen, as yet, not to respond.

Edit: Domino's corporate's response was that since my local store was locally owned and operated, they basically have no control and have forwarded my complaint. If that's the case, the store should be named Bruce's or something.

Edit 2: The general manager from the local franchise understands our concern and has promised to look into it. Maybe I'll order another pizza and see what happens.

Based on information posted as a comment to my first article and information I have since received first hand from VISA, I find that I was giving Domino's far more leeway than they are entitled to. VISA's agreement with both the card holder and the merchant states that if the card is signed, the only requirement is that the signature on the charge slip and the signature on the card match.

So, one must wonder, is the reason why the delivery boys are demanding the additional information so that they can harvest enough information to make fraudulent charges on the card? One could easily come to that conclusion. VISA's agreement with the merchant is that they will honor the charge if the merchant simply compares signatures and determines that they match. Period, end of report. No photo ID, no pencil lead impression of the card on the charge slip (there is a good reason why they don't print the entire card number on the slip), no recording of the CVC, and most importantly, no record of any personal information from the customer's ID. I'm not a lawyer and I don't play one on TV, but I'm sure I could convince a jury that the collection of this information by the delivery people is illegal. For Domino's to condone it makes them accessories.

Now, no reaction at all from Domino's corporate or the local store manager, and a very courteous response from the bank that issued my card and from VISA and the promise to address the matter with the merchant. That in itself speaks volumes.

I'll post any additional news if and when it happens.

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